Clarice: The Visitor

Cahier Series with Sylph Editions, 2014

One of Conversational Reading’s Favorite Books of 2014

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“Novey engages in a kind of call-and-response, that of her own poetic letters to Clarice Lispector, echoing Lispector’s letters to the novelist Fernando Sabino. Of her experience translating Lispector, Novey asks, ‘What was I failing at / before this—and why is it / failure makes a person feel / so irremediably alive?’ Indeed, why is the silence between places, between texts, between bodies, always a silence we want to fill? But silence matters as much as voice; and the why doesn’t matter.”

BOMB, Sarah Gerard

“Beautiful poems born of translations of Clarice Lispector.”

Conversational Reading, Scott Esposito