By Clarice Lispector
Translated from the Portuguese by Idra Novey
New Directions, May 2012
Penguin, UK May 2012

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“If I cannot assess the translations themselves, I know that the new rendition, by Idra Novey, of The Passion According to G. H. should be regarded as an event…” BookforumRachel Kushner

“Of all her novels, Lispector said that 1964’s The Passion According to G.H. was the one that “best corresponded to her demands as a writer,” and the new Idra Novey translation proves to be a raw, unforgettable glimpse into the obsessions and anxieties of “the witch of Brazilian literature.”–The Rumpus, Craig Feliciano Arnold

“The difference is immediately apparent from Sousa’s to Novey’s translation, even in the first sentence; what for Sousa read, “I’m looking, looking,” for Novey reads, “I’m searching, I’m searching.” Though slight, the nuance carries important implications. Whereas the first sets the scene as a place to be observed—a passive activity—in the second, it is a place where lost things are sought, and possibly found. There’s no doubt that this was Lispector’s intended reading…”–BOMBlog, Sarah Gerard

“If Novey’s version is an improvement, it is not necessarily because she is more faithful to the original text or even because she better evokes its transmission of a “potential language chaos,” but because she does not seem to see the struggle as something that can be won or lost.”–The New Inquiry, Brad Johnson